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A sustainable and fair brand of mezcal


We love El Rey Zapoteco for its exceptional flavors, traditional and fully natural production method and for being fair and environmentally sustainable.

This boutique brand was founded over half a century ago in the 1960s by Don Serafín Hernández Blas in Santiago Matatlán. This small town in the state of Oaxaca, México has ideal climate conditions for the cultivation of agave and is steeped in tradition acquiring the moniker of the “World Capital Of Mezcal”. Today, the company is managed by Don Serafín’s grandchildren, who, respecting the traditional production methods have taken the brand to represent a premium handcrafted beverage.

The mezcal from El Rey Zapoteco is certified by all relevant authorities.  The brand cherishes its traditional workmanship and the properties that make a handcrafted mezcal. Its taste and quality are the result of a long-established process, which begins with the careful growing of the agave plant. Harvesting is followed by cooking and roasting the plans. Grinding in a stone stone mil,  is followed by fermentation in wooden vats with the use of pure spring water, using only 100% natural yeasts and microorganisms. The fermented product is distilled in copper stills before the final bottling. This traditional process delivers one of the most original and genuine drinks in the world.

Workers at El Rey Zapoteco earn higher wages than the industry average, and profits stay locally within the Zapotec community helping to keep families together and indigenous traditions alive. Great lengths are taken to care for the land, everything from agave leaves to distillate residuals are reused to fertilize the soil for the next generation of agaves.

For the people at El Rey Zapoteco, el mezcal es un estilo de vida – it’s a way of life.

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