El Rey Zapoteco arrives

El Rey Zapoteco arrives in Germany

After a few month’s crossing the Atlantic our first shipment of mezcal El Rey Zapoteco has arrived!

We decided to import mezcal from four types of agave – and for now only focus on joven (young) to truly be able to savor the taste of the double-distilled elixir, instead of the nuances of the wood in which it may have been aged.  We also decided to forgo the very popular pechuga – as despite the its traditional origins, we are consciously avoiding animal products (so don’t ask about the worm!).

Here are some renderings of the agave plants that produce each type of mezcal (directly copied from the bottles!). The differences in the price of each bottle are directly linked to the rarity of the agave and the time each takes to reach maturity.

For mixing, we recommend the more sustainable espadín, everything else we recommend you sip. Learn more about mezcal, or prepare your own tasting from the shop.

Agave Espadín
Agave Espadín (Angustifolia)

Agave Tobalá
Agave Tobalá (Potatorum)

Agave Cuishe
Agave Cuishe (Karwinskii)

Agave Tepeztate
Agave Tepeztate (Marmorata)


Augsburg, Germany

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