Minimalist Food & Drinks Menu

We love food. We love to nibble when we are drinking or talking with friends. Food brings people together. And when you are alone, delicious food stops your mouth from feeling lonely. We don’t offer a full menu – just some traditional Mexican snacks to share or keep you company. All our snacks are vegetarian, and may change a little based on the availability of ingredients.

And let’s be honest. We also love our drinks. We have a full bar and hope you will try a glass of mezcal or a mezcal-based cocktail. But we won’t force you.  We drink, not always to satisfy our thirst, but to honor the moment: our mortality and our connection to the divine. Think of all the choices you have made in your life that have led you here.

Pictures and prices will come soon… when we open.


  • Water

    Always available, always free.

  • Tea

    Green, black or herbal.

  • Coffee

    Most styles.

  • Agua de Jamaica

    Hibiscus-favored. With or without sugar.


We are proud to serve El Rey Zapoteco, artisanal mezcal, traditionally handcrafted by the Hernandez Escobar family in Oaxaca, México.

  • Espadín

    A young mezcal traditionally handcrafted from the angustifolia variety of agave.

  • Tobalá

    Made from a rare and wild variety of agave which has a low yield and is highly prized.

  • Cuishe

    This wild agave only reaches maturity after 12-15 years.

  • Tepeztate

    This wild agave only reaches maturity after 20 years.

  • A flight

    Try all 4 mezcales.


Made with Mezcal El Rey Zapoteco Espadín, or your the drink of your choice.

  • El Corazón

    Mezcal, frozen strawberries, infused simple syrup and a dash of mineral water.

  • La Botella

    Mezcal, Ancho Reyes Verde chili liquor, lime juice and mint.


  • Totopos y Salsas

    Corn tortilla chips, also known as nachos in Tex-Mex cuisine, served with a variety of colorful sauces to dip. From the tasty, but not spicy, to the mouth-on-fire variety.

  • Cacahuates

    Salted or spicy peanuts.

  • Guacamole

    Healthy and delicious Mexican dip, which has become a popular spread around the world.

    • Basic – Delicious in its simplicity: mashed Avocado, lime juice and sea salt.
    • Traditional – Add tomatoes, onion, green chili and coriander.
    • Adventurous – Inspired additions: pomegranate, mango, feta cheese, and/or chili pepper.

  • Fresh fruit and/or Veggies

    To eat with lime and salt, sprinkled with chili flakes or with a creamy dip.


  • Ezquite

    Corn in a cup. Topped with your preferred ingredients: butter and salt, lime, salt and chili flakes, mayonnaise or cream, or all.

  • Queso fundido

    Melted cheese in a pot. Grab a tortilla, some cheese and add your favorite salsa.

  • Molletes

    A Mexican open sandwich, spread with beans and topped with melted cheese. Traditionally served for breakfast and supper with a sauce called pico de gallo (chopped tomatoes, onion, coriander and chili peppers). We like them so much we will serve them all day and with your preferred salsa.

  • Quesadillas

    Folded tortillas (corn or flour) with melted cheese.

  • Torta

    A crusty roll filled with almost anything. We offer Queso y Aguacate (cheese and avocado) as the main ingredient. All tortas can be spread with beans, mayonnaise, and include onion, tomato, lettuce and chili pepper.


Once in a while we may want to get creative, and offer chilaquiles for brunch, or tamales with atole for supper – check out the board.

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