A Bar in Town

I’d always also wanted to own a bar.

At first I just wanted to be in control of the music. Then I wanted a space where I could host alternative cultural events… exhibit prints and paintings, photographs and all-sorts of makings; host poetry slams and movie programs; make space for those looking for their place… With time I realized it would just be great to have a bigger living room to see friends and also have the chance to meet random strangers.

Sometime in 2019, I also decided more people in the world needed to know about mezcal, tequila’s smokier, hand-crafted and overall much cooler cousin. If not the whole world, at least more people in Augsburg, where I found myself living.

I grew up in Mexico, and have fond memories an old lady filling up my plastic looney tunes promotional water bottle (pepsilindro for those in the know) from an unbranded 5-gallon plastic container with the most delicious elixir.  I wanted to work with a mezcal factory that would deliver that authenticity. Ask and you shall receive. By sheer coincidence I was introduced to El Rey Zapoteco, small traditional producers in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca (a.k.a. the “World Capital of Mezcal” according to Wikipedia).

The journey began – very slowly – setting up the company, getting permits, and generally wasting a lot of time with paperwork.

Now, if only I had a bar. I kid you not, by the end of the year, the cellar that used to hold the #Kreuzweise was for sale.

And now, we wait, we wait for the work to be completed and for COVID-19 to go away.

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